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Shanghai Qianzhou Industrial Co., Ltd.. Chairman Zhengjiansong invited to visit Amazon

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On January 14, 2019 local time in Seattle, Shanghai Qianzhou Industrial Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Shanghai Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Vice President Zhengjiansong, and a group of people under the leadership of President Wang Ning were invited to visit the world's largest market value Internet company-American Amazon(AWS).    
President Wang Ning first introduced the members of the delegation and thanked Amazon for its warm reception. Jianglei, general manager of business development of AWS China's regional government and business department, warmly welcomed the arrival of President Wang Ning on behalf of Amazon and hoped to cooperate more with the Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce to better serve users in China, the United States and the world.
Issac Levin, general manager of Amazon's global product management strategy development, explained and introduced Amazon's corporate culture to the delegation of the Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce. In particular, Amazon's "trial and error" mechanism and the concept of "accepting misunderstandings" have been well received by everyone.
Amazon product manager Fan Li introduced the Amazon smart robot Alexa development and the Internet of Things application scene, especially the home application has been at the front of the market, has the leading demonstration significance.
Amazon, which is responsible for artificial intelligence(AI) and loT strategy manager Remy O'keefe, shared with the Chamber of Commerce delegation the results of Amazon's artificial intelligence and loT development, and made a detailed introduction to smart cities, smart medicine, smart transportation and other application scenarios.
Jianglei, general manager of business development in AWS China, gave a detailed introduction and interpretation of Amazon's cloud storage and cloud computing and e-commerce. He pointed out that in the future, Amazon cloud computing will likely gradually grow from about 7.5 % of the current share to about 75 % of revenue share. While continuing to lead the world cloud computing market, it will further expand its business and application scene in the Chinese market.
After hearing the above report, President Wang Ning pointed out that Amazon's corporate culture and innovation mechanism not only set a model for enterprise development, but also provided reference for Chinese enterprises, especially central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, institutional reforms and institutional innovation, and it is worth our study.
During this period, Amazon China partner manager Robin Zhang and others also accompanied the delegation members to experience Amazon's smart home Alexa products and emerging markets such as no one shopping.
The professional cloud computing service provided by Amazon Web Services was launched in 2006 to provide IT infrastructure services to companies in the form of Web services, often referred to as cloud computing. One of its main advantages is that it can replace the upfront capital infrastructure costs with lower variable costs that can be expanded according to business development.
In recent days, Zhengjiansong, chairman of Shanghai Qianzhou Industrial, has deeply felt the company's openness and tremendous vitality. The management's grand global outlook and excellent business thinking have built an ecology that almost represents the highest level of human business.. At the same time, it also found many shortcomings and harvested a lot from it. For the current development mode of Shanghai Qianzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhengjiansong also said that in the future to use new technology, excellent creativity, to achieve quality improvement. Make use of the excellent market operation, demand, improve the quality of service, and establish a world brand according to the characteristics of the product, combine the brand effect with the quality pursuit to adapt to the market demand, thus expanding the competitiveness of the market.